How to Book Penthouse, Duplex, or Rooftop Apartments

We know that finding a beautiful set of accommodations for a trip is challenging. At Book Penthouse, we’ve made it our mission to find the perfect properties all over the world. We also partner with the best booking agent in the business, so you feel confident making reservations.

Research the Right Accommodation

Before booking accommodations, we recommend you check out the options. Book Penthouse often has many locations within the same region, and each has unique charms. We recommend checking out the amenities, like swimming pools, Wi-Fi, kitchens, and parking.

We also strongly recommend paying attention to the space. If you are traveling with family, we want to ensure the right number of rooms are available. No one wants to couch crash for the entire vacation. Additionally, we recommend confirming there is enough bathroom space.

Book Penthouse also suggests confirming the location. You should choose accommodations that are near where you want to spend most of their time. After all, there’s nothing quite like trying to get to a wedding across town or needing to travel an hour to reach the beach.

Lastly, we recommend checking out the view. After all, this will serve as the backdrop for adventures, parties, and special occasions. Ensuring that the view is worthy of these occasions is a necessity.

Choose to Book

Getting caught up in looking for the perfect place happens. However, eventually, the booking process must begin. Otherwise, you risk losing out on their dream accommodations and needing to start the process again.

The other reason we see clients lose out on the perfect accommodation is price watching. While we know people love a good deal; the fact is that waiting may mean losing out on the place altogether since someone else booked it while you were waiting for a price drop.

Book Penthouse is proud to partner with We have used for more than a decade and have never had an issue. We appreciate the security and guarantees associated with the platform.

Follow the Booking Steps

Once you find the perfect accommodations, you simply need to click the book now button. The button connects to the location profile on, where you can view pricing and additional details.

If you do not already have a account, the site will walk you through the sign-up process for the free account. We recommend you complete the verification email step before continuing with booking a place to stay.

From there, it’s a simple matter to confirm the dates required are available at the property. Then walks you through an intuitive reservation process, including ensuring that everyone has read the property rules.

Once that process is complete, you have the reservation you wanted with the knowledge that your money is secure. When travel day arrives, you have a stunning place to check into and enjoy.